The Stockton Advantage Over Other Mortgage Companies

What are mortgage industry professionals saying about Stockton Mortgage Corporation?

“By the second year, I’d doubled my salary and by the fourth, it was quadrupled.”- James Alexander, Stockton Mortgage Banker since 2010

“I appreciated how straight forward David (Stockton) was and since coming on board, he has far exceeded my expectations of how he has taken care of me.” – Ryan Ramsey, Stockton Mortgage Banker since 2017

“There were eleven people here when I started. I’ve been able to watch the company grow, making me a part of something. David (Stockton) has always been progressive, always wanted to be on top. He is never okay to just stay where we are.” –Kris Vanzant, VP of Sales since 2009

“The people are the best part about Stockton, we collaborate to make sure deals go through. We don’t just kill the deal, we work on it!” –Anna Pitcock, Stockton Mortgage Banker since 2015

“David’s sweeping knowledge of the mortgage industry, the company’s structure, and the growth of Stockton Mortgage impressed me, and his vision for the company intrigued me…. Since coming on board, there are a handful of things I’ve appreciated that Stockton does differently: It’s a great working environment; there’s an esprit de corps among the employees that’s difficult to find in many companies. You can achieve your goals; there’s no bureaucracy to cause delays. Your ideas are welcome. (And) you can express your opinions; leadership is accessible and willing to listen.” — Donna Wieber, VP, Compliance Director since 2013

“We are in the business to make the values of honesty, respect, and integrity the forefront of mortgage lending. Creating pathways to home ownership with these values in mind is what makes Stockton Mortgage Corporation great.” –David Stockton, President and Owner



We don’t want to manage you, we just want to support you.

Stockton knows that when we deliver consistent service to you, you can be consistent in the service to your customer, there by closing loans quicker.


A job that gives you an opportunity to make a big impact on the lives of those in your community and pays well—that’s the dream isn’t it? There are few jobs in the financial industry, or any industry really, of which that can be said. A mortgage banker can do both, impact the lives of their neighbors and make good money. While many could say, the American Dream has changed from what our parent’s generation felt it was, there is at least one aspect that hasn’t changed; the dream to own a home.

A mortgage banker assists families of all sorts in finding financing to achieve their dream of homeownership. They help their neighbors take advantage of homebuyer classes and down payment assistance programs. Additionally, they find the loan that makes the most sense financially for them now and in the future. Stockton’s mortgage bankers are truly making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Take, for example, a family in Eastern Kentucky who were wanting to purchase a home for them and their two adopted, special needs children. The husband had an unusual income history given that he was a minister but also did handyman work to supplement his income. Additionally, he’d worked hard over the years to avoid using credit and as a result, never had a loan in his name; thus he had no credit history. One of our loan officers worked with him to establish alternative credit and define his income in order to get him qualified for a mortgage. After renting for more than nine years, him and his wife bought a home in which they could raise their family.

Many of today’s work force are searching for alternative work schedules and ability to work outside of the office, to better accommodate their needs and the needs of their family. There is some flexibility in the mortgage banker role because Stockton Mortgage offers the same technology one could find at a large mortgage company. You can read more about this in the “Support” section below. While there is not a required start and end time, we have found that those mortgage bankers who have a self-imposed, structured schedule are more successful. Anna Pitcock, Stockton mortgage banker since 2015 says it nicely,

“I love the fact that I have so much freedom with what I do… within a window of course. It’s like having the freedom of being an independent contractor with the security of working as an employee for an established company. You have the freedom to do what works for you and your customers. The money is really good here, but it’s based on what you do. If you put 100% in you will get it back out.”

I want to learn more about becoming a mortgage banker for Stockton Mortgage Corporation.

The requirements to become a mortgage banker may be less extensive than one would think. There are no long years of higher education required, only a high school diploma. A mortgage banker will deal with several customers at one time, so strong communication skills are needed. Additionally, they should be able to develop and maintain customer relationships through generating new leads and following up on existing business. Someone who embraces an entrepreneurial spirit and is driven to succeed would likely be successful in the role of a mortgage banker.

As stated, there is no college degree required however, a mortgage banker must be licensed in any state in which he or she is conducting business. To do this, they need to complete the minimum 20-hour pre-licensure training and pass an exam. Pre-licensure training programs are available throughout the U.S. and provide instruction about relevant federal laws and regulations, loan officer ethics, lending standards for the non-traditional lending product market, and mortgage origination. All aspiring mortgage bankers must pass the National SAFE Act Test with Uniform State Content. This test covers the national requirements as well as standard requirements for all states.

So what does Stockton’s compensation look like? We structure the compensation plan according to the mortgage banker’s needs and preferences. It’s just one of the ways that Stockton shows they value all of their employees.

I’m interested in learning how I can become a mortgage banker for Stockton Mortgage Corporation.

There are a variety of considerations to make when contemplating a move, specifically from a credit union or depository bank, to an independent mortgage bank. But perhaps, one of the greatest considerations is the pay structure. For many, this move would mean a change from earning a salary to earning a commission. This can be intimidating to some because there is an ebb and flow to your income. If you are counting on a loan to close this month but it gets held up by an outside source, the commission you would have earned will be pushed to the next pay period, given that it closes within that next window of time. However, there are benefits to being paid on commission as well. One of Stockton’s Mortgage Bankers who came from a salaried position made this observation:

“Sure, I had fears. There is security in the guaranteed salary. But by the second year (as a mortgage banker with Stockton), I’d doubled my salary and by the fourth, it was quadrupled. I realized, companies will pay you just enough to keep you there. But you have to ask, how much am I worth?”- James Alexander, Stockton Mortgage Banker since 2010

Having control over what you earn and how hard you work, has been a positive aspect of this transition for many of our mortgage bankers. Ryan Ramsey who has been with Stockton since 2017 said,

“I like having control over my income and that I feel like I earn my money. I can work as hard as I want and I see the results from it, versus working as hard as possible and earning the same pay.”

This motivator seems to have propelled many loan officers to strive for and achieve their goal of becoming part of Stockton’s President’s Circle. The President’s Circle designation is given to any loan officer who meets the specified amount in closed volume within the calendar year. Annually, all members of the president’s circle are invited to join David Stockton and the executive team on an expense paid trip for them and their spouse or guest. This has come to be one of the most highly anticipated and discussed perks received by Stockton’s top producers.

I’m interested in learning how I can become a mortgage banker for Stockton Mortgage Corporation.

At Stockton Mortgage Corporation, we want you to be able to focus on taking care of your customers and building your business, which is why we have a team to support your success.


We are continually tuned into the industry. With our reliable team of experts and our dedicated resources, you will be given the most up-to-date and relevant data. We are focused on bringing you industry news, helpful information, and current materials that will help you grow your network, close more loans and establish you as an expert in your market.  As the market changes, so do we. We provide you with timely materials and answers to ensure you are prepared to respond to the changes and grow your business.

Our in-house marketing team creates informative pieces about new products, trends and even personalized materials for all loan officers. In addition, you will receive a box of “Stockton Swag” upon joining the team; from those materials you are able to choose ones that you would like to use on sales calls or at trade shows. On the other hand, if there are items you have used in the past and would like to continue to use, just ask the marketing coordinator; he or she will do the leg work to find the best options available.

This same marketing team, should you like, can manage your social media accounts from your professional Facebook page to LinkedIn, to Twitter, and so on. Our blog, which is promoted by social media outlets, exists to provide your customers and referral partners with helpful industry information. Our marketing team works alongside you, as you coordinate events such as lunch and learns and trade shows, providing you with materials to ensure success.

Continue reading to see what systems have been put in place to help you grow your business with ease.


Stockton’s IT support is unmatched, we have in house folks who exist solely to fix your technology woes. Not only can they fix the problem, but they are constantly looking to hook you up with the latest to make your job easier! Some of the ones currently being used are:

Stockton Mortgage Active Retention Technology (SMART) was designed to help you manage your customers. Maintain relationships with your existing customers, prospects and referral sources through one-to-one email marketing. And utilize the post close follow up programs, prospecting and database management to increase business.

Online applications help create a simplistic and efficient avenue of business for our mortgage bankers and customers.

Paperless Technology allows our mortgage bankers to access files anywhere. Additionally, customers are given the opportunity to sign needed paperwork through e-consent, and can even securely upload their loan documents through our easy to use phone app.

Stockton’s “My Home” Phone App allows our mortgage bankers to connect with their customers and realtor partners, pushing out real time notifications throughout the loan process. Additionally, it serves as an easy way to securely communicate in our digital world—giving our customers the ability to receive prequalification letters and submit their loan documents without having to come into the office or even hop on a phone call.

Through Stockton’s partnership with Social Survey the positive impact our mortgage bankers are having is shared with the community. A survey is sent to each customer who closes a loan and is then given the opportunity to review their mortgage banker. If the experience is a positive one, it is shared on our mortgage bankers’ social media pages.

We are currently looking into more programs that make your job easier and your customer’s experience better, we’d love to tell you what is coming down the pike. Get in touch with us!


Stockton started small and has continued to grow consistently. We know what it takes to grow your customer base and to maintain your valued relationships. As a corporation, we are focused on providing you with what you need so you can focus on, not just growing your network, but also getting your customer to the closing table as fast as possible. Our highly skilled support team of processors and underwriters deliver consistency, so you avoid as much chaos as possible. This allows our team to achieve numbers like; 24 Hour In-House Underwriting, 2 Week Application Closing, and 30 Days Average Close Time. And unlike other companies, you can speak directly to the underwriters to gain clarification on a file. In fact, Anna Pitcock, a mortgage banker at Stockton, said this of the communication,

“The communication is fantastic with underwriters! They keep you up to date on what is going on and if there is a hard file they will call and talk to you about it. They always try to make it work.”

Direct Access to Management

At Stockton Mortgage, you can expect the same thing from us each day you come to work. We have all worked for those companies who seem to fuel drama and chaos. We are not that company. There is no complicated management structure and our executive team will pick up their phone to answer your questions. We understand that when working with people there will be unique situations-our team eagerly works hand in hand with you to ensure we find the best possible solution for your customer. In fact, our Loan Scenario Desk exists to help orchestrate complicated deals.

Are you ready to be supported fully? Contact us about becoming a mortgage banker at Stockton. 

The more loan products available, the more solutions we can provide to future homeowners. Our large portfolio of products gives you a greater opportunity to get more people to the closing table. We of course offer conventional and government loans; USDA, VA, and FHA, but check out some of our unique products:

Construction to Permanent Financing

This program is designed to combine the financing for the construction of a modular home and the mortgage, itself, into one loan, there by saving the buyer time and money.

Doctor Loan

This program is a great option for those working in the medical industry as a medical doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or similar certification who are looking to purchase a home—even those with secured employment who have just graduated. This program offers 100% financing and is flexible by offering a variety of loan amounts for the buyer’s future residence.

Rural Hobby Farm

This program is available for homes located on a minimum of 5 acres and up to 160 acres. The buyer can develop the land for a second income, lease it for crops or just simply enjoy the extra space to roam.

Other Tools

Stockton also allows for Alternate Income Documentation, for self-employed borrowers, using twelve months of bank statements to qualify the borrower.

Increased loan products aren’t the only avenue provided to grow your business. Stockton Mortgage offers Third Party Origination, meaning through partnerships with depository banks and credit unions you can expand your customer base. When you partner with the loan originators at these institutions you increase the number of loans in your pipeline which increases the number of closed loans, ultimately increasing your income.

I’m interested in learning how I can become a mortgage banker for Stockton Mortgage Corporation.

Why Stockton?

Stockton has all the technology, marketing and resources of a larger company but the simplicity of a smaller one.

Fannie Mae Direct Lender Seller/Servicer

Ginnie Mae Issuer

98% customer satisfaction

#1 rural housing lender

2nd largest independent mortgage banker in KY

We were 90% Purchase business in 2017

NO overlays down to 580 (we go straight by DU or LP)

We currently have 20+ branches in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, and Michigan

We are also licensed in the following states and are open to licensing in other states; Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and West Virginia