Ahh…the Victorian home. It sits vacant, exuding elegance without even trying. How could you resist falling in love with it? You can’t – obviously. Victorian style homes are incredible. So you buy it, of course. Now what? Chances are that if it doesn’t need some TLC now, it will need some soon. But before you go swinging the hammer, there are some things you should consider.

  • Is it a historic site? If your home is a designated historical building (either on the state or federal level), or part of a neighborhood registry, there may be certain guidelines and regulations that you need to adhere to when updating the home.
  • How authentic? Those trademark spindle banisters are incredible, but are they in your budget? See what can be salvaged and let your budget determine the rest.
  • What kind of updates? How in-depth do you want to go with your updates? Are you gutting it and starting over…or simply doing some touch-ups. This may also be determined for you by the current state of your home.

Putting a name on your project can help you get a clearer vision….

Preserve – You’re keeping it as close to its original state as possible, and trying to salvage as much of the original décor and style as you possibly can.

Restore – You’re taking your home back to its original form – and sometimes undoing some updates that weren’t in line with that style.

Reconstruct – You’re moving walls, adding rooms and changing fundamental parts of your home. 

Renovate – You’re sprucing up your home by adding a modern touch. 

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