Don’t buy stuff on credit cards. I know, I know. You literally just got pre-qualified! You’re going to be a homeowner! And that is awesome, my friend! BUT you have to stop buying stuff on credit cards. Not forever, not for the next year…just for the next 30 days {or however long it takes to close your loan}. Yes, you can still go to Starbucks – you just can’t go buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of coffee on your credit card (btw, if you can spend hundreds of dollars in less than 30 days at Starbucks, I’m impressed). So schedule your U-Haul worthy trip to Ikea for after closing.

Don’t quit your job. If you have finally reached the end of your rope with your boss and you just can’t take it anymore…decide to spend the next 30 days planning out how to quit your job (instead of actually doing it). This will give you even more time to decide if you want to quit via personalized letter, viral YouTube video (I recommend this option so we can enjoy it as well), or singing telegram.

Don’t apply for new credit. We all know that you could save $10 on a new mixer by signing up for a store credit card…or get a brand-spankin-new car for ZERO down, but there are two very important questions you should ask yourself before considering these things during the time period between pre-qualification and loan closing….

  1. Can you sleep in a mixer? No.
  2. Can you sleep in a car? Well, technically yes, but you probably don’t want to.

The bottom line is…your dream home is SO much better than charging random stuff on credit cards, quitting your job, buying a new mixer and even getting a new car. Thirty. Little. Days. You can do it!