Third Party Origination

Are you a representative of a bank or credit union? Would you like to offer more value to your members or depositors?

Stockton Mortgage Corporation can provide your solution. Click to read more about our Third Party Origination program.

Third Party Origination allows you to offer the loan programs that Stockton Mortgage Corporation offers; loans such as FHA, VA or USDA loans. You meet with your customer, work with them to determine the best loan for them and take their loan application. Then turn the loan over to your Stockton Account Executive and their experienced team for processing, underwriting and funding. All the while you keep your relationship with the customer, we just do the “behind the scene” work to get you to the closing table.

Your customers love working with you and we love that! You can continue to offer them the same exceptional, personalized service just with more loan options–providing them with more value. Developing the foundation to be able to offer popular loan options such as renovation loans, VA, USDA, and FHA loans can be burdensome and tedious. Through a TPO relationship you won’t have the burden of developing that foundation but are still able to offer these loans. Along with giving your depositors/members more options and improving service levels, you could increase your income and reduce expenses.

Banks and Credit Unions who would like to offer additional loan products to their customers/members while reducing expenses and increasing income are a good candidate for a TPO relationship with Stockton Mortgage Corporation.

Your account executive is a local, licensed, experienced mortgage banker. When you call them, you aren’t going to be talking to someone on a headset across the country; we are down the street. Your communication isn’t limited to your account executive, our operations team works with you.

Stockton Mortgage Corporation, it’s products and operation processes meet federal and state regulatory requirements. Our director of compliance, having a background in bank compliance, personally oversees the Third-Party Origination program. You can be confident in your partnership with us.

Additionally, we offer a full suite of loan products for you to pick from; you can offer your customer all of them or pick from our product offerings.

Lastly, our secure online portal makes your job easier and your customer’s experience a seamless one.

Would you like to have an application for TPO sent to you? Click here!

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