Mollie_BushLast year, Mollie was a single mom who was earnestly looking for a way to escape her current living situation. She was renting a three-bedroom home, which she shared with not only her son, but also her brother.

Mollie says she was “tired of having a roommate and wasting money on a home that would never be [hers].” Certainly many renters have known the difficulty of feeling stuck in a home, of throwing money away, and of not feeling like there is any other option but to continue renting.

On the road to home ownership, there are often obstacles – obstacles to which Mollie can relate. Her obstacles, she says, were preparing her credit to purchase a home, as well as navigating through all of the legalities and paperwork that is associated with becoming a home owner.

Luckily, through her realtor’s recommendation, she found Theresa Burdette and Stockton Mortgage. Incredibly, not only was Theresa able to help Mollie secure a loan for the home she wanted, but she was able to do so at a 0.25% interest rate. Mollie says that she was able to overcome her home ownership obstacles through her partnership with Theresa. “Theresa helped me all the way through it.”

Mollie is now a happy home owner. “We have lived in our home for almost a year and we love it,” she says. She still has a relationship with Theresa and Stockton Mortgage.

“If I hear of anyone looking to buy a home, I send them to Stockton because I received the utmost respect and was guided through the process,” she says, “Stockton helped me through everything and still helps me to this day if I need it.”

Mollie loves her new home and the freedom it affords her – she says that being a home owner allows her to finally have a place to live that’s all hers, and to be able to put a roof over her son’s head, as well as her own.