Often, a change in the seasons brings a desire to update our homes – or at least update a room or two. But a full remodel can be expensive and timely. A better choice for those looking to change it up regularly is to change small things that will make a big difference.Bathroom_remodel-01

Paint – This one is probably the most obvious, but paint can really change the appearance and feel of any room – especially a smaller room like your bathroom. First, pick a new theme for your bathroom, maybe you like the cool tones or a nautical palette, the serenity of an earthy palette, or maybe you love deep, rich colors. Choose your theme and then choose your new wall color – or colors. 

Hardware – Updating the hardware in your bathroom can go a long way. On the lighter end of updates, you can swap out your cabinet hardware for specialty pieces that help give your room a new style. Or, if you have a larger budget and want a more dramatic look, swap out your sink, shower and bath fixtures as well.

Décor – The décor that you choose plays a large role in the feel of your room. You can use decorative pieces like mirrors, paintings, wall décor and plants to make a statement.

Color scheme – You can easily change your color scheme by adding news towels, rugs and color coordinated decorative art.