Do you love all of the miraculous uses for vinegar, but hate the smell? You’re not alone! And we can help! Vinegar is one of those amazing products that have countless uses: cleaning, disinfecting and laundry boosting, but the smell can be pretty intense.

Here’s what you’ll need:lovevinegarbuthatethescent

Several mason jars

Screw on, airtight lids for the jars

Vinegar of choice

A strainer

Orange peels, herbs, dried flowers or other scented natural goodness


Here’s what to do:

Thoroughly clean and sterilize mason jars

Fill half of the jars with as much or as little scented natural goodness as you would like – the more you use, the stronger the scent will be

Then fill each jar with vinegar of choice

Screw on lids and seal tight

Let sit for 10 days

Open the jars and strain the now pleasant smelling vinegar into clean jars

Dilute and use your vinegar



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