Down Payment

Mortgage Down Payment Options

In our decade plus of experience with lending, we have found that the mortgage down payment requirement has left many with questions. How much is needed? What if I’m ready to buy a home but don’t have a lot of money saved up? Can people help me pay for the down payment?

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There are options for 100% financing, meaning the entire purchase price of the home is included in the mortgage. There are also qualifications that must be met to qualify for these types of loans.  Read more ›

You have people around you who want to help your home ownership dreams come true and are gifting your money to help you do so; great! Let’s see what loan options are available to you. Read more ›

Many states recognize that it can be difficult in today’s economy to save for a down payment so to encourage their residents to move towards home ownership, they offer down payment assistance programs. The programs range from educational courses to grant money dedicated to assisting qualified home buyers. Read more ›

A down payment is the amount of money that you will pay out of pocket towards the purchase of the home you are buying. It also shows lenders, like us, that you are able to save money and are serious about the investment in your home. Read more ›

For every loan program available, there is a minimum down payment requirement. Read more ›

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