Don’t get me wrong, living in an apartment isn’t always terrible; I had access to tennis courts and a well-maintained pool all summer, just a few steps from my front door. But I also had to walk my bag of garbage to the dumpster in the pouring rain, rush home to get my UPS package before the office closed, and deal with loud neighbors, who had weird smells coming from their place. Plus, there are just some things that now, as a homeowner, I’m not willing to give up even for tennis courts and a pool. I thought I’d make a list to share with you! I would love to hear what you have come to enjoy about being a homeowner… leave a comment below.
  • Fireworks! I lived in an apartment on a busy street flanked by a small side yard and parking lot so I may have been able to get away with a bottle rocket but that was pushing it. Now, as a homeowner, I can set off fireworks in the privacy of my own yard (only the legal ones, of course)
  • Outdoor privacy. This is huge for me and my family! Since moving into our house, I haven’t once thought twice about having friends over for a cookout, tanning in my backyard, or loudly playing silly make-believe games with our kids, like dinosaurs and princesses… I’m sure everyone plays that at their house.
  • Home Improvements that Count. I was the renter that wanted to make the space my own. I painted rooms, installed light fixtures, added an accent wall… then moved a year later. Now I have freedom to do things like, removing the outdated cabinets and adding a shiplap wall, without asking for permission. AND I know that updates like that will monetarily pay off in the long run.
  • Music. If you ask my husband his favorite part about being a homeowner, he would answer, “I can play music as loud as I want!” It’s not just music though, the man watches everything with the volume up, even golf.
  • Having a fur baby! I love my big ol’ Rocky dog, an 80-pound Boxer who drools uncontrollably every time the peanut butter jar opens or if he smells cheese. We wouldn’t have been able to have him in our lives if we’d stayed renters. Plus, we could make it through the puppy years without concern of losing our security deposit.
Again, I would love to hear what you have come to enjoy about being a homeowner… leave a comment below. If you aren’t a homeowner but have been thinking about it, talk to one of our mortgage bankers about the options available to you!