I love Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite sites to scour for super easy, super cheap DIY projects. So, for today’s blogpost, I took to the Pinterest boards and did all of the scouring so that you could reap the awesome benefits of an easy, inexpensive, DIY kitchen make-over.

Kitchen remodels are often one of the most expensive in the realm of home DIY projects, but having a dreamy kitchen is also one of the quickest ways to boost your home’s value. For many home buyers, this presents a dilemma. But what if you could make a big difference in the look of your kitchen for under $100?

One of the main features of your kitchen is your counter top. You can have all of the shiny stainless appliances and fabulously expensive imported flooring you want, but people will notice your counter top. If you’re looking to give your counters a face lift, without spending a fortune, check out these three alternatives for the traditional counter top:

  • Concrete – Seriously, concrete. Not sidewalk concrete, but actually a specific type of concrete that is actually a mixture of concrete and PVC. But the best part is…it costs $15. Check out the steps here.
  • Wood – Shiny, finished, butcher’s block style wood. I know what you’re thinking, there’s no way that this one is under $100. Well, it is. Try $56.
  • Formica or laminate – These sneaky little materials give the same appearance as granite but for a fraction of the cost – usually around $15 a sq. ft. Here’s the how-to.

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