Popcorn_ceiling-01Popcorn is great. It’s an American staple, and frankly, movies aren’t the same without it. However, its related nemesis does not usually gain as much  admiration – that’s right, I’m referring to the dreaded popcorn ceiling. I have yet to meet someone who relishes in the structural beauty of this 70’s era staple, and in fact, most homeowners just want it gone. But who has the time and money to get rid of it?


This week, we combed the Instructables site (it’s like Pinterest for DIYers), and found the simplest tutorial on how to ditch your popcorn ceiling for good.


What if I told you that you could do it in one weekend (depending on room size and the amount of friends you can bribe to help you) and for under $150?


The process of removing your popcorn ceiling is actually pretty simple. Essentially, you just dampen the popcorn, scrape it off, sand, spackle as necessary, prime and paint. So simple, right? Well, the fact that it’s a ceiling makes it slightly more difficult, but it’s definitely a do-able DIY project!


Check out this great, in-depth Instructables post on how to do it.


And make sure that if your home was built before 1978, you have it tested for potential chemicals like asbestos before you begin removing it.