The Stockton Advantage

About Us

Since 2001, the name Stockton has become synonymous with the word excellent in the real estate trade. Stockton Mortgage Corporation was founded in Kentucky by the visionary mind of David Stockton, who saw an opportunity to provide quality loan products delivered with a brand of customer service unlike any other corporation in the industry.

Stockton Mortgage Corporation bases its assembly of highly skilled professionals on the core values of honesty, respect and integrity – which is good news for those seeking, not a job, but a career destination.

With Stockton Mortgage, our employees are our biggest investment, which is why SMC has become one of the most respected mortgage lenders in the region. Our business practices, advanced technology and unparalleled customer service, yield an incredibly successful business that 98% of survey responding customers would recommend to their friends and family.

Stockton Mortgage Corporation’s accolades speak to the superior quality embodied by and through its employees. SMC calls to the table experts committed to maintaining this legacy of providing exemplary customer experience, building long-lasting relationships, and originating quality loans.

• #1 Rural Housing Lender Five Consecutive Years
• #1 MCC Tax Credit Lender
• Top 2 Kentucky Housing Corporation Lender

The Stockton Advantage

In addition to being an agency direct seller/servicer, SMC is an approved lender with the Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Administration, U.S Department of Agriculture, Kentucky Housing Corporation and Indiana Housing Corporation.

Our strengths include a comprehensive end-to-end loan origination system, an advanced customer service contact system – SMART, local processing and underwriting, in-house technology support, strategic marketing programs, and an engaged management and executive team. These strengths make up a platform of support that empowers our mortgage bankers to flourish in any market.

Taking Care of the Customer

Stockton Mortgage Corporation provides you, your referral partners and your customers, a host of loan products that fit most any circumstance.

Our partnerships with Kentucky and Indiana Housing allow us to offer exclusive products and services to our mortgage bankers. We offer nearly every loan product on the market, coupled with prompt in-house processing and underwriting. In addition to our extensive list of financing partners, we also sell directly to Fannie Mae.

• Conventional • Conventional No MI • Conventional 80/15/5 • USDA/RHS • FHA • KHC 97% Conv. – No MI • KHC • IHC • VA • Rural Hobby Farm Loan • Jumbo • 203k Streamline (Rehab Loan) • 203k Standard • FNMA Homestyle (Rehab Loan)

Express Service

At SMC, we believe in an efficient and entirely in-house loan process that allow mortgage bankers to close more loans with less effort. Our seamless loan origination system is the perfect beginning for our renowned process, and our superior technology allows mortgage bankers to operate flawlessly, no matter their location.

Services such as e-signatures, e-documents and e-fax give mortgage bankers a competitive advantage and the ability to offer their clients the most efficient service. In-house processing allows us to expedite the loan process- underwriting is completed within 24 hours. Our proven processing system enables mortgage bankers to close their loans in as little as two weeks.




Stockton University

This is a tool that mortgage bankers can use to inform clients of the various stages and parts of the home buying process. We regularly consult our mortgage bankers about creating new guides to better reach clients! Stockton University provides information about every aspect of the mortgage process, from our First Time Home Buyers Guide, to our Loan Products Guide.

Process & Provision

Guidance throughout your transition into Stockton Mortgage culture is provided by peers, support
staff and executive team members.

As an SMC team member, we invest in your continuing education and pay for pre-licensing, S.A.F.E.
Mortgage Loan Originator Tests, and licensing and renewal fees.

Executive Leadership
Our executive team is in-house, available and encourage open lines of communication with mortgage
bankers to answer questions, resolves issues, expedite growth, and maintain a regular dialogue.

Paid Time Off
Work-life balance at SMC is valued and encouraged as part of our exclusive benefits package.

Recruitment Incentives
Building a strong and knowledgeable team of professionals is rewarded with our lucrative
recruitment incentive program:
• Refer a Loan Officer to us, you’ll receive $1,500 after licensing and an additional $1,500 90
days after they’ve joined us and licensed, as well as 5 bps on production.
• Refer a Processor to us, you’ll receive $1,500 after licensing, and an additional $1,500 90 days
after they’ve joined us and licensed.
• Refer an Underwriter to us, you’ll receive $1,500 after they start, and an additional $1,500 once
they’ve been with us 90 days.
• Refer a candidate for any other general position, you’ll receive $1,500 after they start.
(Recruitment incentives are offered to SMC employees only.)


At Stockton Mortgage Corporation, we want you to be able to focus on the bigger picture, which is why we have a team of  in-house marketing professionals dedicated to providing you with the tools and technology to support your success. From designing custom, engaging, and attractive co- branded marketing pieces to our Stockton Mortgage Active Retention Technology that automates emails and direct mail for client relationship advancement, delivering the marketing materials needed to grow business quickly saves our mortgage bankers time and increases efforts on expanding opportunity.

Our marketing request/ submission system allows you to submit personalized projects to our marketing department, yielding a guaranteed task completion time estimate within only two hours. We provide customized event and promotional fliers, open house and information fliers and brochures, utilizing local printing capabilities to expedite completion.

Social Media
Social media reach spans all networks and successfully stimulates our mortgage bankers’ promotions. Our  blog, which is promoted via our social media outlets, presents clients with understandable coverage of industry topics.

Our marketing department successfully coordinates and executes regular events which help expand mortgage bankers’ client and referral partner base. Our frequent events are designed to provide mortgage bankers with exclusive interaction opportunities with top producing referral partners.

Stockton Mortgage Active Retention Technology—is one of the most advanced marketing tools in the mortgage industry. Designed for mort- gage bankers, this easy-to-use, cutting-edge, web-based tool helps mortgage professionals deepen their relationships with clients, prospects, and referral sources. SMART includes the following features:
• One-To-One Email Marketing
Supplies you with a highly personalized email marketing campaigns with surprising ease. SMART’s
sophisticated reporting features allow you to track marketing results and further hone in on
engaged consumers.
• A Unique Approach to Post Close Marketing
Helps you realize the true lifetime value from each of your valued clients by providing a Post
Close Follow-Up Program. This program keeps you top of mind with your borrowers long after a
transaction has closed and funded and provides dramatic increases in repeat and referral business.
• Prospecting and Database Mining Features
Identifies potential lending opportunities such as rate reductions, new home listings, and mortgage
credit pulls. These techniques happen behind the scenes, enabling you to focus on growing and
managing your lending pipeline.
• Database Management Features
Enables you to manage your prospects, clients, referral partners, and even personal contacts. You
can set reminders, schedule phone calls, take notes under each contact as a conversation log, and
track the last time was touched by a marketing campaign.


Our advanced technological resources provide our mortgage bankers with the unique opportunity to engage in a seamless loan
process that begins on your first day with SMC. From access to the latest software and remote capabilities, to our timely in-house tech support that equips you with everything you need to take your business to new heights, Stockton Mortgage Corporation leads in technology.

In-House Tech Support
Our technology department is unparalleled in its efficiency and promptness, providing mortgages
bankers with in-house access to email, software, and all the tools to help further business.

Online Applications
Online applications help create a simplistic and efficient avenue of business for mortgage bankers
and customers.

Paperless Technology
SMC’s paperless technology allows mortgage bankers to access files anywhere.

Unified Messaging
This technology gives mortgage bankers access to office voicemail via digitally recorded email

C-Tech Module
Client Engagement Technology advances our marketing team to the highest level of success by
curating engaging digital and print media material.

Electronic signatures allow mortgage bankers to provide clients with the convenience of signing
documents without traveling to the office.

E-Fax Numbers
Fax to email capability allows mortgage bankers to retrieve important
documents while out of the office.

President’s Circle

Are you a top performer? Stockton Mortgage Corporation recognizes greatness by inducting its top performers into the SMC President’s Circle. The SMC President’s Circle welcomes mortgage bankers who accrue $10 million in volume in one year or 100 closed loans in one year. If you achieve SMC President’s Circle status for five years, you’re in the Circle for life!
• Multipliers: +3X maximum
• KHC Top Producer: 3%
• Industry Designations*: 3%
• Quality Award: 3%
• 5 Year Tenure: 3%
• Helping Hand*: 3%
(Charitable contributions representing SMC)
*must be SMC approved.

• Annual Trip (Annual trip benefits based on previous year’s production).
• Quarterly Breakfast
• Presidents Circle Business Card & Salutation

Publications & Press Releases
Our top producers are recognized company-wide in our monthly newsletter and mortgage bankers receive personalized, co-branded press releases from our marketing team whenever they’re recognized by external partners for their excellence. With Stockton Mortgage Corporation, individual and team efforts are as valuable and press-worthy as our own accolades, which is one of the reasons our
mortgage bankers take their individual distinction to new levels.

Awards Meal
Every year Stockton Mortgage Corporation celebrates the former year’s top performers with an awards ceremony. President David Stockton addresses all SMC employees, announcing the new year’s President’s Circle and presenting years of service awards, volume awards, quality award, rookie and top producer awards. In addition to being honored, mortgage bankers also receive cash prizes for
their achievements.



We are in the business to make the values of honesty, respect, and integrity the forefront of
mortgage lending. Creating pathways to homeownership with these values in mind is what makes
Stockton Mortgage Corporation great.”– David Stockton, President

At Stockton Mortgage Corporation, we have a vision of excellence and matching repute that begins with seeking out the best mortgage bankers to join us in our pursuit of setting the standard within the mortgage industry when it comes to superior home loans and outstanding customer service.

Being a member of an elite team of professionals focused on expansion in an industry ripe with opportunity for progression, consider your aptitudes as a mortgage banker and whether or not you’re ready to take the next step in your business.

Are you ready to take the next step? Call us today at 1.888.914.2276 or visit