Loan Document Check List

Do you need to know what kind of documentation you might need for your loan approval process? Sure you do! Look no further than our Loan Document Check List.

Personal Information:

Color copy of driver’s license
Color copy of social security card

Income Information:

Copies of most recent paycheck stubs detailing last 30 days
Social security award letter (if applicable)
Retirement pay documents
Copies of bank statements detailing the last 60 days of activity
Copy of most recent retirement account statement (if used for closing costs or cash reserves)
Copies of all 1099 s and W-2s from the past 2 years (3 if using KHC or IN housing funding)
Copies of all federal tax returns with all schedules for the previous 2 years

Residence Information:

Any address(es) for the last two years
Copy of previous year property tax bill and homeowner’s insurance policy
Agent name and contact information for homeowner’s insurance company

Debt Information:

Information on all outstanding loans and credit cards
Names and account numbers of creditors
All monthly payments and account balances

Other Information (if applicable):

Copy of divorce decree and property settlement agreement Child support documents
Copy of bankruptcy and final discharge documents Judgment or lien releases


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