Summer is the time for enjoying the atmosphere outside of your home. For some, that includes a greenhouse that produces fresh fruits and veggies and colorful flowers. The word greenhouse isn’t usually met with compliments of its flawless styling. Perhaps functionality, but not styling.

But why shouldn’t the place in which your favorite things grow be picture perfect as well? Or at least…a little prettier than a plastic wrapped bubble. 

Can’t it be different? Yes!

Check out this vintage glass greenhouse – complied of reclaimed windows.

Photo via: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

And this one…it’s like its own, perfectly quaint little cottage. 

Photo via: Flickr

And this…seriously – it’s like the stuff dreams are made of. 


Photo via: Victoria Elizabeth Barnes

Don’t worry…we wouldn’t just tease you with these unreal creations unless we had an amazing DIY for you! After combing through piles of greenhouse DIYs, most of which were incredibly complicated and super pricey…we found this DIY by Fabulously Frugal.

For $67. Yes…$67. Check out the DIY here.

Photo & DIY via: Fabulously Frugal