Without fail, my electric bill is always way more in the summer months than it is in the winter months. Why is this? Well, generally – with the exception of brutally harsh winters – people spend more on air conditioning than they do on heating. But that can be avoided. Here are some simple tips that can save you a ton of money on your electric bill this summer:Easy_Electric-01

  • Hang your clothes outside to dry – Take advantage of the warm weather and skip the dryer. It’s pretty easy and cheap to string up a DIY clothesline outside.


  • Open your windows and use fans whenever possible – Skipping on the air conditioner and using ceiling fans to circulate air from outside will cut your electric bill big time.


  • Use dark colored curtains – Dark colored curtains will keep the sun light (and heat) out of your home on days that it’s too hot to forgo the air conditioner.


  • Use natural light – During the summer, it stays light out a lot longer, so don’t take it for granted. Throw open those shades and flip off the lights – utilize the natural sunlight while you can.