Now that spring is here, many homeowners are seeking ways to improve and update the exterior of their homes – but who has the money to do a big remodel? These simple DIY projects will ensure that your home’s exterior is up-to-date and looking fresh for spring and summer.

  • Cover exposed slab – If you have a house with an exposed slab foundation, you may be interested in trying to cover the concrete base of your home. A great option that won’t break the bank is to use faux stone, wood or brick panels.


  • Build a tree bench – A tree bench is a great addition that can add originality to any back yard, and the best part is, these benches can be customized with the changing of the seasons – think throw pillows, colorful potted plants and other yard décor. This would be a great addition to home that doesn’t have a traditional porch or any outside seating. See the step-by-step process here.



  • Swap concrete for tile – Tile gives a classic look that homeowners love, but it’s is usually pretty costly. But did you know that you could actually stain concrete so that it looks like tile? Yes! Check out the how to here.


  • Faux garage windows – This is such a cool idea to add some pizazz to your plain white garage door, without the expense of actually adding windows. Simply use painters tape to create an outline, and then paint the shape of a window. Easy!


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