Headboards are the little noticed bedroom accessory of a time long past. So often now, when I walk into a friend’s bedroom, there is no headboard at all, or, if there is, it’s nothing eye catching – it’s not the focal point of the room. Are elaborate headboards a thing of the past…? No, I don’t think so…and in fact, that’s not something I’m willing to take lying down (pun intended).

So, for all of you headboard holdouts (or those seeking to update their current design), these amazing DIY headboards are for you!

This vintage shutter headboard is gorgeous, one of my all-time favorite colors, and incorporates chalkboards…swoon. Photo & DIY by: Samantha Elizabeth


This faux headboard/wall art is equally as amazing…and slightly less intensive on the DIY scale. Photo & DIY by: House Tweaking


If the wood look is not so much your style and you’re seeking a softer look, check out this upholstered headboard that you can DIY for less than $30! Photo & DIY by: The Budget Decorator 


Think a $30 DIY headboard is a great deal…? Well, what about a $20 one? This mellow yellow décor was created by simply purchasing and painting Styrofoam tiles and attaching them to the wall with adhesive…seriously cool. Photo & DIY by: Sometimes on a Tuesday


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