When meeting with your mortgage banker for the first time, you can expect to discuss the following five things. Trust us, we know what you can count on!

1. Proof of incomemortgagebankerquestions

  • You will need pay stubs (showing at least 30 days)
  • If you have recently started a new job, your mortgage banker may ask you to provide letter from your employer confirming your salary

2. Debt

  • All of your debt – student loans, credit cards, cars and even store credit cards

3. Assets

  • Cash, cars, property and basically anything that is owned that can be sold or converted into cash

4. Down payment

  • While this will vary depending on what loan program you qualify for, (some loans require no down payment at all) it’s a good place for you and your mortgage banker to begin deciding what type of loan you want

5. Documentation 

  • Items like pay stubs, bank statements and identification documents are an important and necessary part of the mortgage process – for a complete list of needed documentation, ask your mortgage banker 


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