As a homeowner, you expect a certain amount of repairs during the life of your home. These repairs differ depending on the age, wear and type of your home, but some repairs are almost inevitable. During the first five years, however, the repairs are usually pretty small and pretty simple. Here are the top five most likely repairs you’ll encounter during your first five years as a homeowner.

  • Leaking – Whether it’s a leaky faucet or a constantly running toilet, chances are you’ll have to deal with one of these water issues early on. Luckily, they aren’t horrible to fix – sometimes, you can even do it yourself with a trip to your local hardware store.
  • Siding – The function of your siding isn’t purely cosmetic…your siding protects your home from the elements. If you notice any peeling or cracked paint, address it promptly. If you wait, you could be allowing some unwanted guests (like water and pests) into your home.
  • Disposal – If you have a garbage disposal, you will inevitably lose a spoon in there…or a fork…hopefully not an extremity. If your disposal gets jammed, you can probably fix it yourself by consulting the owner’s manual. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the average garbage disposal lasts 10 years if maintained well.
  • Nail pops – Nail pops are those fun little mounds that seem to appear out of nowhere and take up residence in your drywall. These are common, and occur when the lumber dries and shrinks slightly. If your home is newer and still under warranty, have your builder repair these. If not, they’re an easy fix on your own. Use a punch to return the nail to its home, finish, sand and repaint.
  • Cracks – So many things can cause concrete cracks…everything from weather to vehicle pressure. You can take this project on by yourself (if the cracks aren’t too severe) by using concrete caulk, epoxy injections or resurfaces.

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