Even if you’re not musically inclined, you can’t deny the aesthetic appeal of a piano and the elegance and warmth it brings to a space.

Looking for an inspired way to introduce a piano into your home? Look no further.

Here are our five favorite piano rooms!



Photo via Royal Roulotte / frenchbydesignblog.com

A beautiful brown wood upright piano against contrasting black and white wallpaper makes for a very dramatic, elegant space.



Photo via Anette’s Hus / frenchbydesignblog.com

In a world of greige, this black upright piano is the statement of this room.



Photo via Avenue Lifestyle / frencbydesignblog.com

This whimsical space is made more so with a black piano and fun art all about.



Photo via Lifestyle Etc / frenchbydesignblog.com

Pink piano and pop art anyone?



Photo via frenchvydesignblog.com / Room 123

For a quieter, more contemporary vibe, this piano room is decorated with frames and French country pieces.


Source: https://frenchbydesignblog.com/2016/11/piano-rooms.html